The Pink Bride Announces Statewide Magazine

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Opportunity is Knocking on the door of every Tennessee wedding professional! The Pink Bride is proud to announce the launch of our newest product: Tennessee Weddings Magazine by The Pink Bride! As a company that prides itself on offering the right mix of advertising channels so Tennessee Wedding professionals are more accessible to engaged couples, we have decided to combine our local publications to maximize your exposure across the state! Unsure where you fit into all this? Read through our FAQs to find out all the details of our new product:

But Why?

You may be asking yourself, “But why would they change anything? The Pink Bride is so amazing just the way it is!” We know. It is hard to believe that there is anything that could make The Pink Bride more awesome. Because millennials have access to more information than ever before, their expectations have evolved. By creating a statewide publication we are offering a more complete, all-encompassing resource for both engaged couples and professionals.

Real Wedding Nominations

We are always looking to promote the work of our wedding professionals and celebrations of our couples. Feel free to nominate a wedding or weddings to be featured in an upcoming issue that showcases your work or the work of your peers. We can’t wait to take a peek at your portfolio!

A La Carte Menu

At The Pink Bride, we work hard to listen to the needs of our wedding professionals. Almost unanimously, clients have requested an al carte menu where they can build the products/services of their choosing. We are so excited to be able to offer our clients the products and services they actually want! By reducing the price of print ads, we have worked to emphasize more value in each of our offerings so that you can buy what is important to you without tacking on big price tags.

Social Media

Our website and social media platforms exist to educate couples on what they will discover in our magazine and shows. This is why our social media services, although available as part of our a la carte menu, will only be available for purchase to our magazine and show advertisers.

The Pink Bride Pro Network

In an effort to create a network of wedding professionals across the state of Tennessee, The Pink Bride is excited to announce the launch of our Pink Pro Network! The Pink Pro Network was designed to share our knowledge of the wedding industry and help you build a community of wedding professionals. Check in regularly to stay updated with all the latest wedding industry trends, Pink Bride news and events, and tips to grow your business! Stay tuned for more information on how you can follow along.

Still have more questions? Contact your representative today. We can’t wait to talk to you!

Knoxville: Kara Lovett 865-712-9196

Nashville: Kristine Conti 615-618-7053

Memphis: Elizabeth Jones 901-208-0339

Tri-Cities: Kaitie Gill 501-920-7627

Chattanooga: Christine Scott 423-605-2070

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