Tennessee Weddings Magazine by The Pink Bride

Advertise with the state’s most popular regional bridal magazine, distributed regularly to thousands of brides throughout Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and the Tri-Cities area.

  • The Pink Bride boasts successful publishing experience since 1980 through parent company Jacob Marketing, Inc.
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  • Magazine release corresponds with our show dates for maximum impact.
  • The Tennessee Weddings Magazine by The Pink Bride is published semi-annually and distributed over 500 retail locations across the state + handed to over 5,000 couples at our Pink Bride Wedding Shows
  • Local magazine covers for every major city; inside content the same across the state!
  • As an advertiser, you get access to our own experienced team of advertising directors, copywriters, editors, and graphic designer with decades of combined marketing experience to make your advertising dollars go further than ever before!
  • Every issue is also available to view in digital format online and is totally free for Tennessee’s brides.

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