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Secrets to Booking More Couples at The Pink Bride Wedding Show


We all know that as a bridal vendor, the most important thing you will do this year is make connections with the couples for next year.  After all, planning ahead is key and most brides are shopping around for vendors during the offseason.  With so many competitors, booking your next client can be difficult to master but with our helpful tips, you’ll become a pro in no time!


Believe it or not, what you do before the bridal show often affects how well you do during the show.  Making sure you have planned your course of action and are well prepared for the big day.

Connect With Other Vendors

Because bridal show week can often be chaotic, it is so important to make connections with other vendors.  Like we’ve said before, having a community vs. competition mindset can often help open doors to opportunities you may not have had before.  Having relationships with vendors that work in the same field you love can help you feel more prepared for the wedding show, and if you’re new to working with us, they can give you some tips on what to expect.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool and allows us to connect with people all around the globe.  As avid social media users ourselves, we can definitely say it has helped increase our community outreach and improve our marketing strategies.  In the time leading up to the show, make sure you let your followers know you will be attending and that you’d love to see them there.


Once you have arrived the morning of the show, it’s time to get to work.  Here at The Pink Bride, our goal is to help you connect with couples and benefit from the show as much as possible.

Be Memorable

Couples typically see hundreds of vendors at bridal shows so you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.  Put your creativity to work and include something in your booth setup that makes you easy to remember.  We suggest trying fun colors, memorable personalities, and fun decorations.


Our tech experts have created BrideScan, the ultimate all in one wedding planning app designed with brides, vendors, and producers in mind.  Signing up is completely free and allows access to a number of convenient services.  Through a simple QR code, BrideScan enables you to connect with couples before and after the show.  Once a bride scans your code, your contact information is safely and securely shared via the app and you will be able to see bride profiles who may be interested in booking with you.

Network with Couples

One of the biggest mistakes vendors make is trying to book as many weddings as possible at the bridal show.  While this may seem like the goal, often times it means missed opportunity for your business.  Attempting to book a wedding with each couple is a lofty goal and realistically won’t be accomplished.  However, in order to maximize your leads, try “networking instead of selling”.  When you think of the show as an opportunity to network rather than make a sales pitch, you can often form stronger connections with potential clients.

Pro Tip: When talking to a bride, try being in her shoes.  What would you want to know about a vendor?  What separates you from everyone else?


Now that you’ve made it through the show you can start following up with couples that you connected with over the weekend.  Establishing a relationship with couples early on can help in their decision-making process in the future.  When they decide which vendor to use, it helps if they remember who you are and what your brand represented at the show and in the days following.

Follow Up With Couples

Before you can measure the success of your time at the show, it’s important to be able to answer one question – Did you follow up with all of your brides, Cash for Contracts submissions and lead list?  When someone scanned your QR code on BrideScan, did you contact them with details of your services?  Have you done all of the above more than once?

Try Different Forms Of Contact

Many people assume that email is the best option for a follow-up but that is not always the case.  Because email is free, brides will probably be bombarded with offers, leaving many of them ignored or deleted.  In order to stand out, try to contact them through multiple mediums such as by text message, a follow on Instagram or other social platforms so they can see your past work, or by a phone call.

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