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5 Must-Have Apps to Have in Your Photo Editing Toolbox

In the world of social media and smartphones, we are bombarded by images.  Whether it be the carefully crafted selfie, a photo of your latest beach vacay, or a carefully posed sponsored post, we literally can’t get away.  Because photo sharing has become such a prominent part of our social networking habits, it is more important now than ever to learn to take good photos.  As smartphones have become more popular, we cannot rely on simply taking the photos alone, but because many of our consumer outreach is done via digital marketing, we must make them look good as well.  Here are five apps to download today to step up your photo game.


Photoshop Express

Adobe users rejoice!  Ever since the release of Adobe’s Photoshop Express, we can definitely say our photo editing has become so much better.  Think Photoshop, but for your iPhone. While it doesn’t have all of the same effects as Photoshop for desktop, it makes up for in its streamlined design and powerful capabilities.  Photoshop Express features the ability to upload files from Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Photos and your camera roll. The app includes everything from basic editing tools like crop, rotate and red-eye removal to facial feature edits and 45 effects.

Cost: Free


Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix is a must-have when taking portrait photos.  Photoshop Fix takes Photoshop Express a step forward by offering easy and powerful image retouching and restoration through face-aware liquify to create dramatic edits on facial features, including skin smoothing, creating a bigger smile, cheek, and jaw slimming as well as lip plumping.  Other features are available such as color saturation, paint, light adjusting, and focus.

Cost: Free


Lightroom CC

Another member of the Adobe family, Lightroom CC does not cease to amaze.  The powerful app is a fan with amateur and professional photographers alike, providing a range of features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode, photo presets, and large editing tools to change color, exposure, tone, and contrast.  For raw photos, users can select one of seven Adobe Raw or Camera Matching profiles to set a foundation for edits. For both raw and non-raw photos, users can use one of the 40 Creative Profiles to add a style all their own.

Cost: Free



Ribbet is an amazing photo editing app available on desktop and mobile that offers everything from basic edits to professional touch-ups.  Users will find everything from basic edits to clone tools and fine curve adjustments. Touch up effects include airbrush, wrinkle remover, blush, teeth whitening, lip color, eye color, eye shadow, hair color, eye-bright, and insta-thin.

Cost: Basic – Basic: Free, Pro: $4.95 monthly



VSCO is an app that has both photo editing and a Creator Community.  When using the app, you can create using their own photo editing and journal tools, discover new artists and photographers in the community and connect with other creators.

Cost: Basic – Free, VSCO X Membership Experience – $19.99 yearly


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